Vlog and Blog Your Coaching and PT Business

1 December 2017
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One of the best ways to promote your own personal training and coaching business is to show your clients real-life examples of your own successes. This is even more important if you are sponsored by particular sports brands or supplement companies, as you'll be able to testify to the quality of the products and show first hand how effective or practical they can be. Using social media is also another great way to gain new clients, especially if you create regular updates using a personal health blog, giving people the chance to join you on your fitness journey. 

Blogging and Vlogging

A blog is basically a regular article feature that follows a hobby, interest or a lifestyle. In fact, it can be about anything, but the more popular ones seem to take the reader on a journey with the author. With people becoming ever more interested in their own health, having a blog to follow helps to create a sense of comradeship and togetherness. Even more popular are vlogs which incorporate videos. Both mediums combined make a powerful promotional tool as a personal trainer and coach, as you'll be able to demonstrate various training programs while wearing a particular item of clothing, using a supplement or promoting your own services. Links can even be shared enabling you to earn additional money through affiliate marketing.

Photo Apps

Using apps on your phone can also be a quick and easy way to promote your blogs and vlogs. Popular social media apps make it quick and convenient to upload short videos and images that can be linked to your website, having a huge impact on the amount of traffic you'll receive.

What to Include?

When creating a blog or vlog, the idea is to make some sort of connection with your follower or potential client. Offering frequent updates that allow them to follow your progress and even mimic it will work best. Giving advice and support by talking as if having a conversation with the viewer will make it far more personal, and wearing certain sports brands or plugging supplements will subtly and subconsciously help with marketing. If you are offering some sort of fitness/life coaching or sports product, provide a quick link at the end, both to encourage the viewer to watch or read the entirety of the vlog or blog, and to utilise all of the time leading up to it selling your service through exposure.