Easy Purchasing Guide for Custom Cycling Jerseys

3 January 2019
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If you have recently taken up cycling, it is essential to ensure you have the right gear for the sport. One of the top considerations you should have is buying the right custom cycling jersey. These jerseys have multiple functions to make cycling as convenient as possible for you. Nonetheless, picking a custom cycling jersey is not as simple as walking into a store and buying the most affordable one you find. Read on for an easy purchasing guide when looking for a custom cycling jersey.

The fabric of the cycling jersey

As aforementioned, a majority of cycling jerseys are made from wicking fabric. You may think that cotton will be a more comfortable option for your body, but there are several benefits of the wicking material. First, the fabric of the cycling jersey is supposed to prevent sweat from accumulating on your skin. Thus, the wicking fabric facilitates the evaporation of sweat, keeping your body dry even when cycling over great distances. Secondly, since the sweat is being moved out of the garment, you get to stay cool while cycling in hot environments. Your choice of wicking fabric will depend on how intense your cycling is. If you tend to cycle rigorously, then you need a high-performance fabric to keep up with your exertion. Conversely, if you are a moderate cycler, then you can choose a wool-based wicking fabric.

The fit of the cycling jersey

A free cycling jersey may seem to be a comfortable choice, but this type of fit will flap in the wind as you cycle. With this in mind, always gravitate towards a fit that incorporates panels in the cycling jersey. The more panels in the design of the jersey, the more body hugging the fit will be without it being too tight. Moreover, the snug fit of your cycling jersey will make your body seem aerodynamic. Thus, you can increase your cycling speeds. Lastly, a snug fit also aids with the acceleration of the winking process, keeping you dry as you cycle.

The sleeves on the cycling jersey

The next thing to keep in mind when scouring for an appropriate custom cycling jersey is the type of sleeves on the clothing. Short sleeves are a top choice since they allow for more flexibility, and if you are worried about cold weather, then you can pair them with arm warmers when you cycle. Secondly, take note of the sleeves' construction, too. Raglan sleeves are a popular choice and are characterised by a triangular shape that begins at your neck and wraps around your shoulders to your upper arms. Set-in sleeves are the second type of construction you can consider, which are similar to those of standard t-shirts.