Staying safe while kayaking

29 December 2016
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Kayaks and canoes can offer a world of fun for the entire family. Their small size, light weight and easy manoeuvrability make them the perfect vessels to use for exploring your local beaches, river ways and lakes with relative ease. As such, knowing the basics about how to safely operate a canoe or kayak is incredibly important. This includes recognising safe conditions for kayaking, knowing how to prepare for different elements and knowing how to minimise any potential risks before you go out. Read More 

Tips On Choosing The Right Cricket Bat

20 June 2016
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Summer is cricket season, and if you're a budding batsman, you'll need the right cricket bat to make sure that you perform at your best.  Here's how to choose the right cricket bat. Size and materials Generally speaking, the taller you are, the longer the bat you'll need in order to be comfortable when you play.  If you choose a bat that's too short, you'll find yourself leaning over and reaching for the ball, which could cause a back injury. Read More